Morsels Weekly Rotating Noodles Lunch Bowls

 Our wholesome weekly rotating noodle bowls contain no msg, stocks and sauces are made from scratch with sustainable and produce with good husbandry. They are inspired by our love for noodles, and various cultures where noodles are a mainstay. 

Please follow us on Instagram @morselsinsingapore to check out the noodle we are serving that week. One type of noodle will be rotated per week. 

We hope you enjoy slurping as much as we enjoy cooking. 

Place your orders at least 2 hours in advance for same day curbside pick up or delivery. Free Delivery min 6 bowls. 

Morsels Weekly Rotating Noodles Lunch Bowls
Japanese Fusion Iwashi Maruboshi Assam Seafood Noodles. Get your bowl of soulful umami seafood broth noodles from Morsels.
Gogigusu Korean Inspored Braised Beef Shin Shank, Jack’s Creek Brisket, Somen, Burnt Allium Kosho, Leeks, Kampot Red Pepper.
*Morsels Most Popular Noodle*

Pork Jowl Char Siew Wonton Mee  

What's in the bowl? 

Smokey ...
Another childhood memory of Chef Petrina, Kiam Chye Duck.
What's in the bowl?
Smoked duck breast, Pulled Duck Leg Gyoza, Pickled Cherry Tomato, Homemade Kiam Chye, Kiam Chye Duck Broth, Mee sua and Fermented Duck Fat Chili.