About Morsels
Surrounded yet almost hidden by the lush greenery of iconic dining destination, Dempsey Hill, Morsels makes her new home rustic barnyard-style. The 40-seater restaurant founded and run by Chef-Owner Petrina Loh since 2013 serves wildly creative fusion dishes which are ingredient-driven, paired with specially curated list of wines, sake, craft beers and house-infused cocktails. New to the outfit is a four-seater by-reservation-only Chef’s Table built into the kitchen, and an open bar with a big book of drinks to please every whim and fancy.

In her fifth year, MORSELS moves to a brand new location that is partially tucked away in the green oasis of Dempsey Hill at 25 Dempsey Road in late January 2017. The 1000-square-foot rustic barnyard-style house is a labour of love by chef-owner Petrina Loh, who is a California Culinary Academy graduate of Le Cordon Bleu program. Engaging her green thumb and love of social company, the 40-seater restaurant is almost instantly inviting and cosy employing a simple colour palette, natural materials and personal accents that set the overall relaxing ambience.

Hanging plants and foraged leaves soften the hard cement floor while adding life to the open layout room. Repurposed and reupholstered wooden furniture, as well as the walls were repainted to enhance the distressed and weathered qualities resembling barn wood. Four high chairs at the bar face the wines and spirits display wall frame one side of the room. Exposed roof beams and brick walls mounted with counter tops further reinforce the interior design devised by Chef Petrina.

Chef Petrina’s experimental fusion cuisine defies boundaries and ignores attempts at pigeonholing, so to speak. She shares, “I like to work with a variety of ingredients, teasing their natural flavours to release into the mouth a trained frenzy of sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami, tempering the temperature and texture, all on one plate.” The chef-owner’s life tenets extends to the restaurant's ethos-genuine, artisanal and approachable. 



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