Yamashiro Zen

Yamashiro Zen
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Type of rice: ipponjime, Niigata 

Rice Polishing: unpublished

SMV: unpublished

ALC: 15% alc 

Brewery: Koshimeijyo

Prefecture: Niigata

Notes: This years version, a modern Kimoto, took years to perfect, the theme being “Nature”, through low intervention brewing methods, a perfect representation of the Zen aesthetic. With a mellow aroma of grain, the freshness provided by instant press to bottle creates a zippy effervescence, a light and sharp palate with strong minerality and a touch of umami, finishing clean and dry. 

As a cultivation brewery, Koshimeijyo brewers have been tediously tending to their terraced rice crops throughout the summer months to produce high grade, 100% pesticide free, organic Ipponjime rice to use in this season's Zen.