Sawahime Daiginjo, Shin Jizake Sengen

Sawahime Daiginjo, Shin Jizake Sengen
Type of Rice: Hitogokochi Rice Polishing: 40% SMV: +4 ALC: 17% alc Brewery:Huchuhomare Prefecture: Tochigi
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Type of Rice: Hitogokochi

Rice Polishing: 40%

SMV: +4 smv 

ALC: 17% alc 

Brewery: Inoue Seikichi Shoten

Prefecture: Tochigi

Head brewer & 7th generation owner Inoue-san’s philosophy is to showcase the produce of Tochigi.  Using only local rice & yeast cultivated in Tochigi, this Daiginjyo made from 100% hitogokochi yields an elegant mouthfeel with soft, clean acidity that embraces your palate, culminating with a finish of light spice and gentle sweetness. Stone fruits and fresh mineriality on the nose. Clean, bright acidity on the finish balances the rich, earthy flavours of locally cultivated Hitogokochi rice. Best enjoyed in a wine glass.