2017 Nihonsakari, Yuzu Sake

2017 Nihonsakari, Yuzu Sake
Type of Rice: Wataribune Rice Polishing: 50% SMV: +3 ALC: 16.5% alc Brewery:Huchuhomare Prefecture: Ibaraki Fresh Citrus flavour & gentle umami of rice on entry. A luxurious mouthfeel with mellow acidity and a silky finish.
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Type of rice: Junmai Sake Base 

Rice Polishing: N/A


ALC: 8.5% alc 

Brewery: Nihonsakari Shuzo

Prefecture: Hyogo


The purest Yuzu juice is mixed with a 75% polished Junmai sake base to create the cleanest and freshest of flavours. It is light enough to enjoyed chilled on its own without diluting, and gives the impression that the fruit was just squeezed yesterday. 

Tasting Notes: Very well balanced and enjoyable fruit infused sake.