Morsels Red Wine

Sip on our carefully curated red wines from small boutique makers. All our bottles are stored in our wine chillers not at ambient room temperatures.  

Morsels Red Wine
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Raúl was named “Winemaker of the Year” by German publication Der Feinschmecker in 2014 and “Best Winemaker in the World” for 2015 by the French publication Bettane+Desseauve. In the February 2018 Decanter, Master of Wine Pedro Ballesteros wrote, “Raúl Pérez is the archetype of the intuitive winemaking genius.” A picture of Raúl in that same article is captioned, “Is this the best winemaker in the world?” Raúl would certainly not self-apply any of these superlatives. In fact, his genius is far exceeded by his humility and generosity of spirit. That humility comes through in his wines. These are not “winemaker” wines so much as they are unadulterated expressions of the villages and vineyards from which they hail. WA92

Tasting Notes: 2017 La Vizcaina La Poulsa is gentler, more ripe and generous. Soft on the palate, ripe and tender. This is a very approachable wine with moderate acidity.

Food Recommendation: hotpot, stew, game.