We have 4 specialty noodles which are rotated weekly.

Noodle Schedule:


19/5 - 24/5 ~ Wonton Mee 

26/5 - 31/5 ~ Duck Kut Teh

2/6 - 7/6 ~ Wild Tiger Prawn Ma Ra Men 

9/6 - 14/6 ~ Beef Noodle

Noodles are now available for both lunch and dinner.  

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Place your orders at least 2 hours in advance for same day curbside pick up or delivery. Free Delivery min 4 bowls or mix and match with our Bento Sets

slow-cooked duck leg, triple pepper broth shredded duck cigar, mee sua, sambal kecap
Get your l...
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Special Limited Edition Noodle
Back in the streets of Penang, where prawn stock meets 'lor' (Hokk...
braised beancurd skin, trio pepper crispy cake, yuzu pickled kelp, hakata ramen, fermented sakura...
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grilled beef flank, beef balls, soft beef tendon, laksa noodle, cincalok calamansi chili
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Smokey Char-Grilled Pork Jowl Char Siew  kimchi wonton, citrus jalapeno chili, herbal soya sauce,...