We have 4 specialty noodles which are rotated weekly. 

Noodle Schedule:

Wonton Mee 2/2 - 7/2

Duck Lor Mee 16/2 - 21/2

Seafood Bún Riêu 23/2 - 28/2

Dry Beef Noodle 2/3 - 7/2

Noodles are available only for lunch

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Place your orders at least 2 hours in advance for same day curbside pick up or delivery. Free Delivery min 4 bowls or mix and match with our Bento Sets

Smokey Char-Grilled Pork Jowl Char Siew  kimchi wonton, citrus jalapeno chili, herbal soya sauce,...
Braised Duck Breast first steeped in a nourishing herbal brine, and slow cooked, finished quickly...
Our latest noodle of the week launched this Spring 2021. Inspired during our cooking in Bangkok in 2019. A touch of Thai Herbs with our own take on braising various beef parts, and a delicious green chilli sauce to go along. Delicious Braised Beef Shin Shank, Mala Beef Tripe, Beef Balls, Homemade Smoked Chicken Ham, Pickled Chinese Celery & Kang Kong, Bún rice noodles, green chilli sauce, herbal thai beef broth.
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homemade chicken mortadella, crab cake, beancurd puff, nori chicharron, pickled roma tomato, rice noodle, yuzu tamarind fermented chili Allergens: shellfish, chili, chicken. Order your delicious lunch noodles today!